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Starfish Stories

A top secret special fire, probably Black Down, taken by Starfish crew member Robert King who, fortunately for us, was a keen photographer.

During the research into the history of Starfish on Black Down we talked to several people who were part of that secret history. Here you will find their recollections  of what life was like and how they were involved with the secret world of Starfish. 

Norman Tricks remembers Blagdon, building the tumps and lights on Black Down in WWII. (8 minutes)

Norman Tricks shares his recollection of meeting the pilot of a plane that came down near Black Down in August 1940. (3 minutes) 

Frank Newbery tells us about his teens as an electrical apprentice sent to wire up the decoy town. (10 minutes)

Terry King reminisces about her late husband Robert, a Starfish officer and their life in Cheddar in WWII. (7 minutes)

Ruth Weaver recites her poem recalling life as a wartime Land Girl. (2 minutes)