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Letters To The Future

We are lucky to find messages from our ancestors 10,000 years ago in the shape of scratches on cave walls such as in Avelines Hole, or carvings on bones. In a series of workshops we asked Scouts, Cubs, Guides, Rainbows, Beavers and Brownies to explore this theme by writing a letter to someone in the future.

They made letters in pictures or in words about where and how they live, and what they can see, smell or eat. Sometimes they used images and ideas of animals or plants in prehistory. Different coloured home-made Mendip soil inks were used, plus a range of others such as beetroot, blackberry and elderberry ink, applying them with feathers or sticks as well as pens.

This no rules letter writing project was all about having fun, being creative whilst engaging with Blackdown and its history. 

If you want to see some of the letters then have a look in the Heritage section of the Photo Gallery